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Thermal pools

The distinguishing element of the entire project is the grand thermal pool, the Bioaquam Circuit, placed at the centre of the “Sala del Pozzetto” structure, nestling between original arches and pilaster strips of the grand duke’s building, overlaid by an impressive velarium. The pool accommodates numerous hydro-massage tubs and is supplemented by two smaller pools, the Bagno di Mercurio, or Thalaquam Pool, supplied with water in an 18% salt solution, making it ideal for “floating” and relaxing treatments, and the Bagno di Minerva, with strong hydro-massage water jets. 

Near the Bagno di Mercurio you can find the Salidarium, an exclusive bed of warm salt crystals, which combines the various regenerative elements of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a number of treatment cabins.

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