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Team Building


Our cookery classes are an occasion of hands-on fun where you can learn simple cooking techniques thanks to our chef’s creativity and cheerfulness. A different way for the team to share a common goal…. that is to sit at table and enjoy the tasteful dishes prepared together! Enjoy your meal!


Don’t miss our guided tasting of Tuscany excellent wines and olive oil, both in the hotel exclusive and elegant lounges or directly in the historical local wineries or traditional oil mills. Enjoy special tasting dinners with a guided choice of different wines and olive oils. An alternative, “tasty” way to get to know our territory and experience of the ordinary taste combinations.


Participants will be taken to a place unknown to them and will be able to return to the assigned location (eg hotel) cooperating with the tools at their disposal (Orienteering & Problem Solving). The route will be enriched with unexpected events and situations to solve. The activity can be associated with Towing, Orienteering, Nordic Walking, Canoing, Trek Bike or Mountain Bike, Rafting, Caving.


Prepare yourself for the most beautiful tour experience of the world, flying around among the streets and the squares of Pisa like butterflies, coming close to the city’s dream monuments on a Vespa scooter, symbol of the Italian “genius loci”.
At the end of the tour you don’t have to do anything more than going back home, in order to spend the last hours of the day trying a relaxing massage, or having a bath into the warm and healthy SPA waters at Bagni di Pisa.


In search of truffles accompanied by truffle hunters with their dog in a private area near San Miniato, lasts about an hour and a half from the time of the meeting, it is also suitable for large groups as it does not require special equipment and the terrain is mostly flat. During the research will be explained to the participants the organoleptic qualities of the truffle and its natural habitat, the various types present in Tuscany and the related hunting periods.

For informations and reservations please contact: Mirko Bartaloni, Events and Meetings coordinator.
Tel. +39 050 88501