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Spa - Thermae

The new 'Bagni di Levante' Spa area

The distinguishing element of the entire project is the grand thermal pool, the Bioaquam Circuit, placed at the centre of the “Sala del Pozzetto” (“Room of the Well”) structure, nestling between original arches and pilaster strips of the grand duke’s building, overlaid by an impressive velarium. The pool accommodates numerous hydro-massage tubs and is supplemented by two smaller pools, the Bagno di Mercurio, or Thalaquam Pool, supplied with water in an 18% salt solution, making it ideal for “floating” and relaxing treatments, and the Bagno di Minerva, with strong hydro-massage water jets.

 Near the Bagno di Mercurio you can find the Salidarium, an exclusive bed of warm salt crystals, which combines the various regenerative elements of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a number of treatment cabins.

The redevelopment of the courtyard, covered by a retractable glass structure, increases relaxation space and makes it usable all year round. Moreover, this is where the remains of the original baths of “Apollo” and “Diana” can now be seen, protected by a floor of walkable glass.

The premises dedicated to treatments house 4 cabins, each one with a shower, a room with a hydro-massage tub, ideal for treating vascular complaints, and a small relaxation area. The latter can be converted into a spa suite on request. 

One of the most innovative features is the new mud therapy department, supplied by an external system of large pools in which the mud “matures” in thermal water for at least 6 months, acquiring those physical and chemical properties which make it unique and ideal for such a therapy. Against this backdrop of Leopoldine architecture, featuring a seamless combination of technology and history, there is an inhalation area, with a section dedicated to children. 

Not far from the eastern wing is the Hammam dei Granduchi (Grand Dukes’ hammam), a small natural cave equipped with a thermal waterfall, a pool dug out of the rock and a stone settee on which one can relax in a healthy thermal steam bath. Here an ancient Roman concept becomes reality, Ab Imo Salus, Health from the Deep, which can be read on the wrought iron gate at the entrance to the tunnel.