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examine the situation to change the lifestyle

For years the aim of any diet programme has been to reach the ideal weight. Today we know that this aim is unrealistic in short term for most obese persons and those whose weight problems are connected to bad eating habits.

In truth these problems are to be considered a chronic condition, which can be dealt with successfully if weight loss is supported by a change in one’s lifestyle, making it possible to maintain and improve the results obtained.

Bagni di Pisa’s programme uses many therapeutic instruments to overcome the basic conditions of body weight increase.

Professor Pinchera’s team places the person at the centre of the programme and not the diet, adapting the course and the diet to the individual through a rigorous scientific and multidiscipline approach.

Why Bagni di Pisa?

Multi-discipline: integrated work on the motor, nutritional and psycho-educational front.

Group meetings: a team of psychologists help resist bad habits and transfer correct nutritional and behavioural information to everyday life.

Diet: a balanced diet, rich in taste, prepares one for a correct re-education of eating habits and helps towards the necessary change of lifestyle.

The Spa: fitness sessions in sulphate-calcium-magnesium waters with a natural temperature of 38°C help to recuperate the muscular-skeletal and mobility system. Furthermore, the thermal environment and the comfort of an exclusive 5 star resort help towards a positive approach to therapy and to maintaining the results.

Physical activity: physical activity is considered the first step in re-education; it is carried out according to programmes based on the characteristics of the subject and in three different fields so as to supply the person with various possibilities of continuing the work once the programme has ended.