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Lose weight in Tuscany

Inaugurated in 2004 after careful restoration, Bagni di Pisa Resort returns to the ancient splendours of the 18th Century when the Grand Duke Francesco Stefano di Lorena made it his summer residence. Today the palace is an exclusive Medical Thermal Spa specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity and overweight.
Original frescoes, Tuscan terracotta floors, marble and granite bring back to life the past grandeur of the Ducal palace which stands on the gentle hills of Pisa, just a few kilometres from the famous leaning tower, from the Versilia coast and the charming city of Lucca.

The thermal springs
Well known to the ancient Etruscans and the Romans, the thermal waters of Bagni di Pisa, which leave the spring at 38°C, are rich in sulphate-calcium-magnesium. The main feature of the waters is the high concentration of magnesium which acts on the organism helping relaxation and the digestive system whilst giving new energy.